Toward Car Free Cities

Au secours, il y a trop d'autos !

Cars are reponsible for:

  • More than 1.2 billion deaths each year in the world and from 20 to 50 million injuries.

  • A lot of noise, especially into towns.

  • High air pollution.

  • Ugly infrastructure.

  • A social pollution, people living in relation less suburbia.

  • Kids who are kept from going alone to school, either by bike or by foot.

  • Parking spaces replacing green spaces.

  • Cars parked on sidewalks and cycling lanes.

Masque contre la pollution automobile

Nevertheless, we could avoid using cars, especially in our cities:

  • By taking example on other Europen cities like Amsterdam where cycling is used for more than 50% of everyday trips.

  • By using public transports (rapid transit, tramways, buses...).

  • By using active modes such as cycling, walking and other non-polluting means of transport.

La vie est plus belle sans bagnole !


About us

  • Pour une Ville sans Voiture is a french non-profit structure based in Lyon, France. It has been founded in July 2011.

  • We are a group of people claiming that car is not a sustainable mean of transport. We want to develop a efficient organization of the transport system, which will preserve our environment.